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Rob Hess’ Solutions:

Rob’s Solutions Are:

1: All American credit card interest rates must be immediately lowered by law to standard/uniform rates! All American homeowners’ mortgage rates must be immediately lowered by law to standard/uniform rates!

2: American Medicare for all Americans must be instituted/made law immediately!

3: America must stop immediately the Afghanistan/Iraq Occupations/Wars! Our American military troops must be immediately brought home/must be immediately provided opportunities for well-paying federal/state/local jobs such as rebuilding American infrastructure/must be immediately provided college; educational opportunities/must be immediately provided low-cost; quality homes: As with the World War II G.I. Bill!

4: The American military/pentagon budgets must be immediately decreased by 70% as American military/pentagon high officials admit 70% of military/pentagon budgets constitute abuse/fraud/waste! American military/pentagon budgets total in American taxpayer Income dollars more than all other world-nation military budgets combined!

5: All American income taxes on America’s wealthiest (those earning one-quarter million dollars/and more: $250,000./and more) American companies/Corporations/families/individuals must be increased by 55% at each level: Levels:  $250,000. – $750,000./$751,000. – $1,251,000./$1,252,000. – $1,752,000./ All American Earnings Over $1,752,000. must be taxed by 65%:  With No American Income Tax Loop-Holes Lawful: All American Earnings Over $250,000. Lawfully Must Not Receive American Tax Payer Income Tax Refunds! All American Internal Revenue Service Loop-Holes For The Wealthiest American Companies/Corporations/Families/Individuals Must Be Immediately Abolished/Eradicated!

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6: 100% Of All Americans/American Companies; Corporations Must Pay 100% Of All FICA Income Taxes On 100% Of All Americans’/American Companies’; Corporations’ Earnings!

7: The Remaining Native American Indian Tribes That Exist As A Sovereign Nation Lawfully Must Not Be Subject To Any/All Federal/State/Local taxes.

8: All American coal/natural gas/oil companies/corporations must be American-nationalized to abolish/eradicate the extreme corruption/graft/illegalities and because all American coal/natural gas/oil/fossil fuel is an American natural/national resource!

9: All American federal/state/local political campaigns/elections/voting must be publicly financed to abolish/eradicate the extreme/ Unconstitutional corruption/graft/illegalities: All American federal/state/local political elections/voting must be conducted by balloting/voting which can be legally authorized/proven/verified by documented/legal/permanent evidence/paper trail/proof/record which cannot be abolished/altered/changed/destroyed/eradicated/falsified/manipulated by computer! ***There is No American Systematic Voter Fraud! ***There is an American Systematic Election Fraud achieved/accomplished/created/designed by using the computerized Diebold Electronic Voting Machines; of which the election/voting/ballots/results/ballots/results/returns may be easily abolished/altered/changed/destroyed/eradicated/falsified/manipulated by high federal/state/local campaign/election/voting officials such as: Ohio State Attorney General, Ken Blackwell, in the American 2004 Presidential Election; in which Blackwell served as George W. Bush’s Ohio State Campaign Manager and successfully manipulated Ohio’s ballots/election results/returns/voting from a landslide win for Senator John Kerry into a small-margin win for George W. Bush! It is fact that the American Presidential 2000/2004/and the 2010 Mid-Term Elections will be recorded in American Political History as Altered/Falsified/Manipulated/Stolen Elections! This widespread Unconstitutional System of American Election Corruption/Fraud must be immediately; strictly enacted/enforced as Unconstitutional/Unlawful/and must be immediately; strictly rectified by the American Public Financing of All Federal/State/Local Campaigns/Elections!

10: Constitutional Law must be enacted/enforced to institute that all terms for all appointed/elected federal/state/local political officials serve a maximum one term of four (4 ) years; including the United States Supreme Court!

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