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Keep It Simple!

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Your e-mail/letter must address a single issue/topic: Typed/one-page e-mails/letters are most effective: PACs (Political Action Committees) recommend a three-paragraph e-mail/letter structured as the following:

1: State specifically who you are/why you are writing: List your credentials: Include your name/address!

2: Provide detail: Be factual/not emotional: Provide specific rather than general information regarding how the issue/topic affects you/others: If a specific federal/state bill/course of action/law/policy/proposal is involved; cite the appropriate/correct/definitive description/number/title!

3: Close by requesting the bill/course of action/law/policy proposal which you seriously feel must be changed/enacted/enforced/established/implemented/passed/supported/taken/made into law!

4: The most convincing/effective/influential e-mails/letters are concise/courteous/factual/purposeful/and include specific supporting examples!

To Conclude:

1: Always be courteous/respectful!

2: Clearly/simply state the purpose of your e-mail/letter!

3: State who you are: Anonymous e-mails/letters are discarded: Even in a blog, include your correct name/address/telephone number/e-mail address!

4: State your professional credentials/personal experience; especially that which pertains to the facts/purpose/subject/topic of your e-mail/letter!

5: Keep your e-mail/letter short/One page is most effective!

6: Include specific evidence/examples to support your position/purpose!

7: State specifically what bill/course of action/law/policy/proposal you desire/propose to be changed/enacted/enforced/established/implemented/passed/supported/taken/made into law!

8: Thank the Congressional Representative(s)/Supreme Court/President for taking the time to read your e-mail/letter!

9: Never use profanity/vulgarity/or threats: Profanity and vulgarity are rude: Threats will result in a visit from the American Secret Service to you: Simply stated: Passion must not destroy your effectiveness/facts/influence/message/your point being made/your position; purpose!

10: Never fail to include your name/address!

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