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SURVIVOR: ROBERT HESS’ BACKGROUNDInsert picture word press of Robert Hess

Twenty-three years of demonstrated accomplishments/extensive experience in a variety of fields including: Advertising; Entrepreneurial Business Development/ Ownership; Financial Sales/Services; Manufacturing; Marketing; Sales; Marketing/Sales Management; Specialty Guest Speaker; Expert Author; Developing/Servicing Offset Printing Accounts/Sales; Food Service Industry Business/Company CEO; and Food Services Sales Management. In addition to strong management/sales/sales management experience; Rob possesses outstanding skills in administration/communication/customer service and in the development/fulfillment of business/company objectives! Rob’s ability/diligent effort for effective communication and the development/establishment of his accountability toward/trust from his clients/employees/employers have led to his successful professional career in highly competitive fields! Through Rob’s years in the printing industry; developing/servicing accounts/clients such as: National Geographic; People; Time Life and Newsweek Magazines; Estee Lauder; Revlon Beauty Products; Toyota, Inc.; Bantam Books: Rob’s productive, successful ability/effort in developing/marketing/servicing accounts/clients/products is founded upon Rob’s ability/effort to focus dynamically/with expertise as to what is demanded/desired/expected/needed; and then Rob’s constructive/creative/honest/visionary preparation to enable his constructive/creative/ honest/visionary suggestions as to what may constitute/make the business/company/ product/service even better/more dynamic/profitable/successful! Rob’s empathy for/understanding of the condition of hard-working Americans through his endeavors/experience and his desire for more effective/purposeful/viable communication with hard-working Americans are invaluable to enable/enhance hard-working Americans’ ability/desire/need to diligently/strongly demonstrate/vote/work for/toward their own best interests and to return America to its Foundation: Which is the fact that hard-working Americans; not the connected/corrupt/powerful/wealthy; built America! Hard-Working Americans Have Lead To The Creation Of We The People Speak Here!

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